Important Indications of Chimney Repair  

When you build a masonry fireplace or chimney, you can be sure it will last a long time. However, while they can stand up to the weather for years at a time, they still need to be kept up and repaired from time to time in order to stay structurally safe all the time.  

Often, people don’t pay attention to the indications that their chimney needs to be cleaned and repaired by a professional. The truth is, to avoid costly repairs, you need to look for signs of deterioration as early as possible. By doing such, you can fix small problems before they worsen.   

So, it’s time to call a chimney repair if you see these five things.  

Odor is one of the chimney signs that are hard to ignore. When the weather is hot or humid, chimney odors can be very mild; they only make a small smoky smell on those days. The bad news is that they can also be so severe that they start making the residence unpleasant at home. Even if you use an air freshener to hide the smell of your chimney, you can never get rid of it because it is likely a sign that there is a bigger problem with your chimney. Creosote, water leaks, wild creatures, and mildew can all induce chimney odors, and they should be taken care of right away, so they don’t get worse.  

The second indication is water damage inside the house. When water shows up on ceilings or walls, many homeowners blame their roofs. However, the roof is not always the cause of water damage inside the house.   

However, the roof is not always the cause of water damage inside the house. A leaky chimney can pose a risk to both the inside and outside of your home. If the water damage is near the chimney structure, it’s likely that you’ll have to contact a chimney repair service, not a roofer.  

The third thing that can happen to your chimney is damage to the mortar joints. Mortar is the glue that binds your chimney together. So, it’s important to keep the mortar joints in good shape. If they get damaged or deteriorate without being fixed, the chimney structure could fall down. When your chimney has bricks that can last 50 years, the mortar that holds them together may only last 25 years, or even less if there is water around. This is because mortar can deteriorate much faster than bricks. C racked, soft, or chipping mortar are all signs that the mortar joints in your home need to be fixed.  

The fourth indication is efflorescence. Even though harder to figure out, efflorescence may point to a problem with your chimney. People call it Efflorescence because it looks like white powder. Chimney scum is comprised of mineral salts, and it builds upon the outside of chimneys. While it can be eliminated through the cleaning or power washing, will keep coming back until the problems that caused it is fixed.  

You should call us if your chimney or fireplace shows any of the above signs. A lot more money will be needed to fix things if you don’t do anything about them soon.